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REVISED Pharmacy Administration Record
Several weeks ago, the WVEMS and BREMS councils rolled out a new Pharmacy Administration Record form. Here is a poster of the form with notations of changes from the prior version. Physician signatures are required only for narcotics, and for meds administered per on-line medical control orders. Non-narcotic meds administered by standing order per adopted regional protocols do not require physician signatures. IMPORTANT: All meds administered must be listed on the form, and the check-box for S (standing order) or O (on-line medical control order) MUST be completed.
Printed Protocol Handbooks: Yes or No

Please take our poll (shown to the right) on the value of each EMS provider having a printed copy of our Operational Guidelines (Protocols). If the desire for such a printed book exists, WVEMS will considering publishing a loose-leaf version of the manual, so updates are easy and inexpensive. In order to do so, grant funds will be sought to cover the cost of providing a book for every affiliated provider in the WVEMS region. The decision on whether to seek this grant will be based in part on the results of this survey. The survey will be open until March 12. (A similar survey taken in 2010 showed 93% of providers in our region favoring a printed manual.)

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ZOLL LifeVest

Have you heard about the ZOLL LifeVest Wearable Defibrillator?  People who live in our region are wearing these life saving devices.  Cardiac patients awaiting Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs) are fitted with these while they await their ICD.  Just like patients with ICDs, we are able to treat patients who have these by following a few simple instructions and safety precautions.

EVD Information Update

The Virginia Department of Health along with others continue to monitor people coming into the states from those countries that stricken with the severe outbreaks of the Ebola Virus last year.

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OMD Workshop

Virginia College of Emergency Physicians (VaCEP) and WVEMS will be hosting an OMD Workshop Wednesday April 15, 2015 at the The Danville Area Training,  630 Randolph St. Danville, VA.  A lunch will be served at 12:00 pm and the workshop will begin at 1:00 pm. Items to be covered are, OEMS representative will cover OEMS/OMD specific matters, latest research projects effecting pre-hospital care and a discussion of challenges to the OMD today.

2015 Regional EMS Awards - Nominations Open!

regional award logo and taglineNominations are now being accepted for the 2015 Regional EMS Awards!  Showcase your agency, your outstanding providers, your OMD, nurses, educators and others who are deserving of consideration for an award. Our Regional winners are automatically nominated for the prestigious Governor's Award in their respective category, which are given in November at the OEMS Symposium in Norfolk.  Nomination Forms for all categories can be found below by clicking Read More



Once again, you have the opportunity to nominate someone for the Regional "WVEMS Benny Summerlin Award for Service to Local Government"  This is a very special award intended to honor someone who has demonstrated a 25-year commitment to service to EMS and other areas of local government in the ethical and dedicated manner demonstrated by Benny Summerlin. Summerlin, former WVEMS president and Henry County Administrator, was active in EMS and public service for nearly 40 years. Unfortunately, he died at the young age of 53.

RSAF Grant Application Period NOW OPEN
The Virginia Office of EMS is now accepting Applications for RSAF Grants to be awarded July 2015. Applications and ALL supporting documentation must be received at VAOEMS by 5:00 pm March 16, 2015.  Affirmation Pages may be original or e-mailed but, NOT faxed. If you plan applying, our staff would be more than happy to assist you and