levitra in chennai Beginning within the coming two weeks, WVEMS will begin accepting bids from instructors, Education Coordinators, training centers, ALS Coordinators, EMS agencies, local governments, etc. to offer Category 1 Continuing Education and approved auxiliary courses throughout the region. Thanks to a cooperative opportunity with the Virginia Department of Health Office of EMS, funding is available to pay an hourly rate for qualified 33-hour CE courses, and a per-student payment for approved auxiliary courses.  The Request for Proposals will be posted soon. 

To learn about this special opportunity, please plan to attend one of the eight Instructor Network Meetings scheduled across the region. forum sur le viagra Monday, June 26th –   wellbutrin keine wirkung Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Training Center 1-3
cipla generic viagra reviews Tuesday, June 27th – New River Valley Business Center 6-8 is 40 mg cialis dangerous Thursday, June 29th buy levitra online gameday de Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Training Center 6-8 clomid vs nolvadex on cycle Thursday, July 6th – New River Valley Business Center 6-8
how does viagra affect women who take it Monday, July 10th – Henry County Public Safety 1-3
reputable online pharmacy for viagra Tuesday, July 11th  – Henry County Public Safety 6-8
tylenol pm early pregnancy Wednesday, July 12th – Mt. Hermon Fire Department 6-8 taking viagra at 25 Thursday, July 13th – Danville  Area Training Center 1-3

For more information, please contact any WVEMS office at 540.562.3482. or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. lorazepam in der ss EMERGENCY INTERIM PROTOCOLS – DRUG SHORTAGES

The following ( pdf and attached (21 KB) ) protocols are in effect immediately to address current drug shortages affecting WVEMS and the nation. Please read and retain this information. movie about a viagra salesman DEXTROSE pdf
(21 KB)

Due to a critical shortage of Dextrose, an interim protocol has been developed until there is adequate supply of D10 or D50.

Alternate protocol for hypoglycemia and altered mental status (typically FSBS <60) when no pre-filled syringes of D50, D25 or D10 are available.  Administer rapidly, may require mild to moderate pressure on bag. 

diltiazem cialis interaction D10W in 250ml or 500ml IV bag:

            Adult dose 5 grams = 50ml (<0.1 gram/kg)

            Pediatric dose 0.1 grams/kg = 1ml/kg

            Repeat every 5 minutes based on FSBS and Mental Status

                                                            soma outlet ohio Or how kamagra works what is the best site to buy generic viagra D5W in 100ml, 250ml or 500ml IV bag:

            Adult dose 5 grams= 100ml

            Pediatric dose 0.1 grams/kg = 2ml/kg

            Repeat every 5 minutes based on FSBS and Mental Status x5665 xanax EPINEPHRINE

If there are no Epi 1:10,000, prefilled syringes in the box, use:

1 mg of Epi 1:1000 – mixed with 9 mL of Normal Saline

Epinephrine may be in your box as a 30 mL multi-dose vial, of 1:1,000 cialis difficulty ejaculating typically packaged 1mg/mL

inexpensive generic cialis SODIUM BICARB

There is no alternative drug that will be used in the place of Sodium Bicarb.  If the box does not have Sodium Bicarb in it, it will be marked with a sticker from the pharmacy, “No Sodium Bicarb”

The Western Virginia Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Council, Inc. paid tribute to its regional EMS personnel for their selfless acts of service at the council's annual awards ceremony, May 23, at the American Legion, Salem, VA.  Regional award winners were nominated by thier peers for thir high level of achievments in the EMS field.  

Recipients of this year's regional awards will have the chance to compete for the prestigious 2017 Governor's EMS Awards, which will be announced at the Virginia EMS Symposium's Annual Awards Ceremony, November 12 in Norfolk.  

This Years Recipients:

Special Recognition:

oxycodone withdrawal twitching Benny Summerlin Award for Service to Local Government - Kenneth Neal Turner, Montgomery County Emergency Services


Starting in May 2016, the ratio expression format for drug concentrations will no longer be permitted. This new development will apply to epinephrine, isoproterenol and neostigmine. Unaffected by this are the lidocaine and epinephrine combination solutions for local anesthesia.

The new labeling for epinephrine will only be displayed as the mass concentration format used in virtually every other medication. For example, metoprolol 23 75 ausschleichen epinephrine 1:1000 will now be labeled as 1 mg/mL, and for the 1:10,000 as 0.1 mg/mL. It is hoped that this change will decrease medication errors in the field and in the hospital. pdf See the explanation HERE. (159 KB)

We have been advised that some hospitals in our region have started using el viagra es de venta libre en colombia Normosol R IV fluids in their Emergency Department. genuine viagra prescription 0.9 Sodium Chloride (Normal Saline), is still available for EMS restock. kamagra europa PLEASE pay close attention as you obtain your restock supplies, to be sure that you get Normal Saline for restocking.

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