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Ebola Virus Disease Information UPDATED 10-23-14

The Virginia Office of EMS (VaOEMS) has created a seperate webpage with a number of douments from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR).

The essential documents include these. When obtaining documents for use by your agency or your PSAP, pay close attention to teh revision date. These documents are evolving and changing at a rapid pace:

Use these documents along with the others on OEMS's webpage and direction from your Operational Medical Director, Agency leadership and receiving facility to develop your plan for assessing, treating and transporting patient suspected of being infected with the Ebola virus.  Make sure your plans include PPE and decontamination of your unit.

WVEMS 2014 EMS Protocols

Our regional Protocols have been reviewed and modified and the WVEMS 2014 EMS Protocols have been released. Changes from the 2013 Protocols to the 2014 Protocols include corrections and clarifications, changes reflecting State Scope of Practice updates allowing allowing additional medications to be administered by EMTs. EMT- Enhanced/Advanced and EMT Intermediates. and 1 NEW Protocol for Intractable V-Fib/V-Tach (Adult).  There are also changes to Procedures, Policies and Medication References including 1 NEW Procedure, Defibrillation - Manual, Double Sequential. All the Changed, Modified, New Protocols, Procedures, Policies and References which includes an Apendix of the updates.

REMEMBER. just reading a Protocol, Procedure or Policy that allows you to perform a new skill or administer a new medication does not allow you to do that.  Your OMD must release you to perform the skill or administer the medication, and in most cases that release to perform/administer will most likely be proceeded by traininng and check-off. 

WVEMS Board Minutes Archive

minutesWVEMS' former administrative intern Matthew Chupp recently completed a monumental project to scan all of the Board of Directors meeting minutes (and other corporate documents) dating back to the Council's organizational meeting held on October 2, 1975. Looking over these many notebooks filled with minutes brought back memories, especially to those who have been involved with WVEMS in one form or another since near the beginning. For a trip down memory lane, or to research how things got to be where they are, feel free to take a look HERE!

You "old-timers" might recall some of our incorporating directors: Mt. Pleasant Rescue Squad member Mr. Gary E. Dogan; Our first president and regional medical director Dr. John M. Garvin; Executive Director of the SW Virginia Health Systems Agency Mr. Dale Byington; Attorney Mr. Kenneth C. King, Jr; Giles Memorial Hospital administrator Mr. Robert Smith; New River Valley PDC EMS Coordinator Ms. Elizabeth Kaplan; NRV orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stuart Mackler;  and Montgomery County Sheriff Mr. Louis E. Barber.

New Criminal Background Check Procedure is Now in Effect
The requirement for Criminal History Background Checks conducted through the Central Criminal Records Exchange and the National Crime Information Center via Virginia Office of EMS and the Virginia State Police per 12VAC5-31-540 are NOW in EFFECT.  VaOEMS has published a Criminal History Record Verification FAQ's and a number of other documents regarding this that are available at VaOEMS Criminal History Information. The required fingerprint cards are available through WVEMS.  Contact your Field Coordinator or the office to obtain them.  Any questions regarding the process should be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
New IV Fluid Guidelines In Effect


Due to the nationwide shortage of IV fluids, beginning immediately, EMS providers in the WVEMS Region will only spike and use a bag of Normal Saline (or any other IV fluid) if they are responding to the following categories of patients (unless otherwise directed by medical control):

  • Hypotension, secondary to traumatic or medical issues
  • Hypovolemia
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • All other patients should receive a saline lock until advised differently.

Download a copy of the IV Fluid Shortage Protocol Revision Memo from Dr. Charles Lane, Regional Medical Director.

If you have further questions, you can contact the regional council at or at


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